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Wine List


 Red Wines

10 Campolieti Ripasso Valpolicella, Luigi Righetti, Italy - GL $13, BT $55
10 Malbec, Terra Rosa, Mendoza, Argentina-GL $13 BT $55
11 Syrah, Iconoclast, Creekside Winery, VQA Niagara Peninsula- GL $11, BT $45
11 Cabernet/Shiraz, Creekside Winery, VQA Niagara Peninsula- GL $10, BT $40
11 Cabernet Sauvignon, J. Lohr Seven Oaks, Paso Robles, California, USA- GL $14, BT $60
11 Shiraz, Kingston Estate, Barossa/Clare Valley, Australia- GL $12, BT $50
11 Zinfandel, REDS-Lodi, Tierra Divina, California- GL $12, BT $50
12 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Lailey, VQA Niagara Peninsula, Canada- GL $11, BT $45

12 Carmenère, Estate Reserva, Errazuriz, Aconcagua Valley, Chile – GL $10, BT $40

12 Petite Sirah, McManis Vineyards, California, USA – GL $12, BT $50

12 Zinfandel, McManis Vineyards, California, USA – GL $12, BT $50

12 Pinot Noir, Magellan, Vin de Pays d’Oc AC, France – GL $11, BT $45

05 Touriga-Nacional, Valmonte, DÃO, Portugal GL $13, BT $55

07 Brunello di Montalcino, Castello Banfi, Montalcino, Italy – BT $120

08 Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon, J Lohr, Paso Robles, California – BT $100

11 Merlot, Sterling Vinyards, Napa Valley – BT $60

10 Chateauneuf du Pape, La Bernardine, M Chapoutier, France – BT $110

10 Pinot Noir, Beringer, Napa Valley – BT $90

10 Cabernet Sauvignon, FUSE, Napa Valley California, U.S.A – BT $75


White Wines

11 Riesling, Ziraldo, VQA Niagara Peninsula, Canada – GL $12, BT $50
12 Torrontes, Crios, Argentina- GL $10, BT $40

12 Riesling, Black Sheep, Featherstone, Niagara Peninsula – GL $11, BT $45
11 Symphony, “Obsession”, Ironstone Vineyards, California, USA – GL $10, BT $45
11 Frascati D.O.C., Casale Marchese, Italy – GL $12, BT $50
12 Chardonnay, Cypress Vineyards, California, USA- GL $10, BT $40
12 Verdicchio, Velanosi D.O.C, Italy-GL $12, BT $50

11 Viognier, Domaine Magellan, Vin de Pays d’Oc AC, France – GL $12, BT $50

13 Sauvignon Blanc, Iconoclast, VQA Creek Shores, Canada – GL $10, BT $40
13 Sauvignon Blanc, Grove Mill, Marlborough N.Z.-  GL $ 11, BT $45


Rosés and Sparkling

NV  Prosecco, Valsecco, Contarini, Italy- GL $10, BT $40
 N.V Prosecco, BT $55

N.V. Sparkling Rose, BRUT, Bernard Massard, Luxembourg – BT $60
 12 Rosé, Featherstone, Niagara Peninsula, Canada – BT $50


**Vintages are subject to change without notice**

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Signature Cocktails

Gin Gin Mule: Premium Gin, Lime Juice, Mint Leaf, Ginger Beer $11
327 FrostBite: Crême de Caçao, Peppermint Schnapps, Vodka $10
CreamSicle: Vanilla Vodka, Orange Juice, Grenadine $9
Apple Pie Martini: Vodka, Sour Puss, Buttershots, Ground Cinnamon $10
327 LemonAde: Premium Gin, San Pellegrino Limonata $10
Brandy Alexander: Premium Brandy, Crême de Caçao, Heavy Cream $10
Buttery Nipple: Bailies Irish Cream, Godiva, Butter Ripple $10

Somerset Sangria, Red:  Created in house, perfectly balanced $9

House Crafted Cocktail: Changes weekly, Market $

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Kichesippi Natural Blonde $7.25
Kichesippi 1855 $7.25

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Beau’s Lug•Tread (600ml) $10
Bierra Moretti (330ml) $6.25
Erdinger Alkoholfrei (0.5% 500ml) $6
Stiegl (500ml) $7
Heineken (330ml) $6.25
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Dinner Starters


Chèvre Salad:  Warm almond crusted chèvre, seasonal greens and vegetables, poached baby beets, white balsamic and grapefruit vinaigrette. $10

Gazpacho: Perfectly seasoned chilled cucumber and roasted pepper puree. $8

Chef’s Liquid Creation: House crafted and locally inspired, inquire with your server.$8

Dungeness Crab Cakes: Delicate crab cakes, dill remoulade, house crafted slaw. $14

Fried Asian Dumplings: Pork and black mushroom stuffed, toasted sesame sauce. $9

Seared Fresh Ocean Scallop: Fresh ocean scallop, preserved fennel and arugula, sweet honey soya lacquer, olive oil drizzle. $14

327 Sliders: Toasted ciabatta bun, chipotle BBQ duck confit, pickled onion and arugula. $13

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Steak and Sticks: 5 oz. 28 day aged AAA Alberta tenderloin, St. Elizabeth Blue cheese melt, shoestring frites, poached asparagus, spiced red port demi-glace, house crafted aioli. $28

Vegan Madras Curry: Slowly stewed, served with crisp pappadum flatbread.$17

Pork Shank: Oven glazed with chipotle/honey spiced bbq sauce, roasted garlic mashed potato and market vegetables, aioli dipper. $22

White Bass:  Panko crusted, quinoa pilaf, market vegetables, white wine mushroom cream sauce. $19

Citrus Duck Breast: Eastern five spice roasted duck breast, sweet potato batons, seasonal vegetables, ginger orange sauce. $23

Roasted Ontario Pork Tenderloin: Marinated pork tenderloin, exploded garlic and caramelized onion cream sauce, herb roasted baby potato, market vegetables. $22


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(Great for Two or Three)

Charcuterie Plate: A choice of two meats & two cheeses from our individual charcuterie selection, marinated olives, whole Dijon, house apple butter and crostini. $23

Cheese Plate:  Your selection of three of our artisan cheeses, apple butter and crostini. $23

Cheese Sampler:  A selection of all of our cheeses, apple butter and crostini. $35

327 Patio Platter: Fried Asian dumplings(4) w/ sesame dipper, bbq glazed braised pork drum(2) w/aioli, honey soya quinoa chicken wings(6), kalamata olive tapenade and pita. $34

                                                                                                                  Add 1 pork drum     $6

                                                                                                                  Add 1 lb wings        $5

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Individual Charcuterie Selection



Soft: Brillat de Savarin $9
Goat: Chevre Noir $8
Hard: Bellavitano $9
Hard: Prima Donna, Gouda $8
Hard: Le Grand Affineur (gouda)
Washed: Baluchon $8
Blue: St. Elizabeth $10
Blue: Chevre Blue (blue goat) $10


Niagara Prosciutto $9
Niagara Cured Capicolo $7
Saucisson Sec $8
Braesola $7
Creton au Lait $7

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Vanilla Pod Crème Brulée:  Sugar crackle topping. $7

Flourless Chocolate Cake: Crispy top and subtle rich goodness inside. $8

Somerset Street Crumble:  Changes often, inquire with your server for today’s creation. $8

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake(gluten free): Salted caramel glaze.$9

Fruit and Cheese Plate: Assorted fruits with your choice of one cheese from

our individual charcuterie selection. $12

Port and Cheese:  A glass of Graham’s 10 year Tawny and your choice of one cheese from our individual charcuterie selection. $15

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Sweet Finishers

10 Year Tawny Port, Graham’s, Portugal, 2 oz $7.50
20 year Tawney Port, Taylor Fladgate, 2 oz. $16.95
08 Red Port, Van Alstine, Karlo Estates, VQA Ontario,2 oz $8.25
08 White Port, Van Alstine, Karlo Estates, VQA Ontario,2 oz $8.25
NV Muscat, Campbells Wines, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia,2 oz $10.00

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Glenmorangie, Single Malt, MacDonald and Muir Ltd, Scotland UK,1.5 oz $13.20
Dalwhinne, 15 Year Single Malt, James Buchanen and Co, Scotland UK,1.5 oz $16.60
Aberlour, 12 Year Single Malt, Campbell’s Distillers, Scotland UK,1.5 oz $10.73
Bowmore, 12 Year Single Malt, Morrison Distillers, Scotland UK,1.5 oz $10.00
The Glenlivet, 12 Year Single Malt, George and JG Smith, Scotland UK, 1.5 oz $10.00
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